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Nails Acrylic Remover


How to remove Acrylic Nails at home with Acrylic Remover?

When it comes to removing nail polish, the process becomes considerably less fun. Removing nail polish can be stinky and messy!

Nails Acrylic Remover

This Nails Acrylic Steam Remover machine works as follows:

  • It uses the steam to soften the gel nail polish, 
  • Then, it removes kinds of gels in a short time
  • And it can clean your 5 fingers all at once. 
  • Besides, the nail remover water can be reused so as to avoid wasting.

Our Acrylic Remover is Quick and Easy:

5 nail polish on the fingers can be cleaned all at once in a short time:

  • LED Gel,
  • UV gel,
  • nail polish,
  • nail glue,
  • base coat or top coat will be cleaned very much.

Our Acrylic Remover is Harmless To Nails:

  • The polish remover steamer Gentle Harmless for Nail
  • The max temp of the steam is 52℃,
  • Without damage to the natural nail plate or cuticle.
  • You could enjoy using the steam off machines in a salon or do this at home in front of the TV.

Our Nails Acrylic Remover is Healthy And Safe:

  • The fingers do not need to touch the gel remover, 
  • The nail remover water can be reused so as to avoid wasting. 
  • Finger doesn't need to touch the resurrection water,
  • This Acrylic Remover is safer and easier than traditional acrylic nail removal kit.

Our Nails Remover is Suitable All Nail Polish:

  • Steam off gel polish,
  • A matte polish,
  • Shellac,
  • Acrylic,
  • Base coat or top coat with easy.
  • Dual Voltage(110-240v),
  • Easy and portable to travel.
  • A one-key operation is time-saving and convenient to operate 
  • Be changed into steam by heating,
  • This Nail Remover Steamer helps to soften the gel nail polish,
  • Lift and slide off the nails easily 

Easily penetrate into the gel nail polish, so as to achieve a better effect and protection of the skin without touching your skin directly.

Great for removing different types of nail gels including:

  • Nail polish,
  • Acrylic nails,
  • Shellac,
  • And others.


Our Nails Acrylic Remover will teach how to take off acrylic nails without acetone or polish remover!

Features related to our Acrylic Nails Remover:

  • Material: plastic
  • Color: White
  • Size: 16.5 cm * 16.5 * 11 cm
  • US plug

Shipping Time-frames: 

Please refer to this page to get information related to the shipping time:

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