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Spiral Ring Size Adjuster


Always worrying to lose your valuable jewelry? This Ring Size Adjuster will make any ring fit perfectly into your finger!
Ring Size Adjuster

Fitting your wedding band is not always easy. Sometimes it will feel too tight, while other times it will feel too loose. 

That’s because there is no such thing as the perfect fit when it comes to any jewelry, especially rings. In reality, a good fit basically just means it feels comfortable most of the time.

This Ring Size Adjuster will make your ring smaller without resizing. Moreover, it fits both women and men rings. Whatever you do your ring fits perfect and there is no chance to lose your valuable jewelry down.

Forget about allergies and discomfort. TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) is used in medicine and therefore is completely safe for health and causes NO irritation whatsoever. TPU is reusable and durable. It is also suitable for all rings: gold, silver, platinum and for those rings that have diamonds. Easy to put on and you can barely feel it.


These Ring Guards fit various types of rings like Birthstone, Engagement and Wedding rings.

They are also safe to use with any material whether it is Silver, Gold or Platinum.
Ring tighteners are not going to damage the Gemstones and Diamonds.


Take a ring adjuster, a pair of scissors and the ring to be resized. Follow 4 easy steps:

  • Place the first loop of the adjuster on the ring by pushing the ring between the concentric rings and twisting to secure the first loop.
  • Wrap the adjuster around the ring to form more loops.
  • Keep trying the ring on to see if there is enough size reduction. If the ring became to small unwrap a couple of loops.
  • Once your ring fits perfectly cut off the excess adjuster.

Now Your Rings are Safe and Secure!


This small device is extremely useful as it resolves many issues such as: losing rings, oversize rings (way to handle if your ring is too big) and even combining multiple thin rings in one single piece.

You are stressed out before your wedding and you lost weight, your engagement ring is loose, and you are worried to lose it? Don’t worry about that, this Ring Size Adjuster is specifically designed to secure your rings.


  • Transparent Spring Rope
  • Color: Silver
  • Material: PU
  • Size: 3 mm, 5 mm
  • Length: 10 cm

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