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Do you know that this iPhone Camera Lens is the best zoom lens for iphone?

iPhone Camera Lens - LM Collection

Short history around the lenses before inventing the Moment iPhone Lens Technology:

Smartphones have improved in terms of their clarity and processing power. However, camera systems have stagnated for decades to the disappointment of professional photographers. If you are one of them, we have found a quick fix for this! 

The iPhone Camera Lens is kind of lenses for iPhone, and it's an universal clip-on camera lens telescope that boosts the magnification by up to eight times. 

It is compatible with :

  • Most Samsung ==> So, it's cell phone camera lens for samsung!
  • HTC,
  • Apple smartphones with lenses set less than 3.5 mm from the frame 

Highly portable and lightweight, carry it anywhere you go!

How to use this iPhone Lens?:

  • You don't need any moment lens adapter!
  • By a simple add-on lens to make distant subjects appear closer, the Universal 8x Telescope Lens from XP Photo Gear is a compact optic designed for use with smartphones and tablets.
  • Offering an 8x magnification, the lens is positioned over the mobile device's lens to increase the magnification and narrow the field of view for a telephoto effect. 
  • A built-in clamp is used to secure the lens in place and re-position it for use on a variety of devices.
  • Use this clip-on telescope camera lens to take photos and videos.
  • It is also used for bird watching, watching wildlife or scenery, watching games like football and basketball, etc.


If you will ever ask where to buy moment lens, then, LM Collection is the whereby for this question!


  • Quality : high quality & high definition
  • Shape : Round
  • Material : Optical lens, ABS
  • Zoom : 8 X. It's really the best zoom lens for iPhone!
  • Objective Lens Diameter : 25 mm
  • Exit Pupil Distance : 2.5 mm
  • Field Angle : 6.2
  • Line Field : 96 m / 1000 m


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Shipping Time-frames: 

Please refer to this page to get information related to the shipping time:

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