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Were your children bitten by mosquitoes while playing? No more mosquito bites with this Mosquito Repellent for Kids!

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Mosquitoes are small flying insects. Female mosquitoes have a long, piercing mouthpiece, with which they pierce the skin to consume their blood. Some mosquito bites are harmless, but others carry dangerous diseases.

Mosquito bites pose a considerable health risk, with mosquito-borne diseases causing millions of deaths a year worldwide. However, a person can take preventive measures to keep them at bay.

Note :

Regarding the mosquito repellent bed for kids, we suggest you to use this Kids Bed Canopy


Being extremely comfortable to wear, all you got to do is clip these protectants on your clothes or your baby’s clothes and know for a fact that they will drive bugs away.

Can be placed on clothes, caps, shoelaces and backpack straps without slipping or falling(you can wear two or more to maximize the effect). 


Although they do smell great, their odor is not overwhelming, making them perfect for indoor and outdoor use by both adults and babies.

Ideal for your camping, fishing or hiking adventures, as well as your afternoon stroll in the park!


This Mosquito Repellent for Kids has a waterproof design for use even when swimming. Stay protected everywhere.


  • Size: 3.5 x 4 cm
  • Material: Plastic
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Waterproof
  • Non-Toxic
  • The effect can last for 2 or 3 months

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