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Angle Grinder Chainsaw Bracket


Want to improve your current chainsaw? Add an extra function with this Angle Grinder Chainsaw Bracket!

angle grinder chainsaw

The chainsaw a portable power tool that cuts wood via a fast-moving chain that rotates around a guide bar—can make short work of pruning, felling, limbing, and bucking trees.

The Angle Grinder Chainsaw Bracket is exactly the upgrade you need for your current Angle Grinder! Instantly transform it into this powerful chainsaw by simply placing it as an attachment!

Now you can use your angle grinder and add a great function to your grinder and start using it for cutting wood outdoors.
This chainsaw bracket has strong power, energy-saving features, and power saving too!

Attaches easily into your existing Angle Grinder and instantly adds a new function to it.

Made from high-quality materials to ensure better efficiency. It has an ultra-strong chain that is wear-resistant and will last even after several uses.
Perfect for cutting firewood, branch cutting, and other chainsaw uses.
The chain can be adjusted easily and the operation of the chainsaw bracket is simple and convenient to use.
High-precision and accuracy cutting because of its design and materials it was created from.


  • Material: plastic + aluminum alloy
  • Color: silver + black
  • Guide bar material: spring steel
  • Chain material: high carbon steel
  • Drive link quantity: 45 sections
  • Cutting diameter: 280 mm / 11.0 in
  • Handle height: 180 mm / 7.1 in
  • Total length of stand: about 390 mm / 15.4 in
  • Chain circle length: about 820 mm / 32.3 in
  • Chain teeth: 22
  • Sprocket inner diameter: 10 mm / 0.4  in
  • Guide bar size: about 340 mm / 13.4 in Length 60 mm / 2.4 in Width

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