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Automatic Irrigation System


Want to take care of your plants even when you’re not at home? This Automatic Irrigation System is a must!

Automatic Irrigation System

Automatic plant Irrigation System has been seen becoming much more with the rise in the everyday objects being connected to the advanced technologies, these systems are implemented at a growing rate.

Places like homes as well as on industrial levels. The main use of these systems is efficient and easy to use.

These automatic watering products can do the job for you by acting on multiple pots of plants at the same time. which can regularly replenish water for your plants through the drop arrows.


You can also help your plants to grow by using this Plant Grow Light


  • Automatically water your plants and flowers precisely and at ease.
  • Reduce water by 70% by focusing water directly to the root.
  • Flowers, plants, bonsai, and potted fruit, for family homes, hotels, clubs, offices and other plants of intelligent care.
  • Use clean water only.


  • Color: As shown
  • Material: Material
  • Thread size: 0.78 in
  • Export screw diameter: 0.78 in, 0.39 in
  • Adequate water temperature: 0 to 40 degrees

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