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Why this Wooden Teeth Box is very helpful regarding your children?

When your baby milk teeth fall off, do not discard, to help save it in teeth bins  like this Wooden Teeth Box! for the baby to stay a wonderful childhood memories and make the great gift to baby! 

Available in Two Type, boy and girl, it’s cute and can record the baby's profile with the included pen, It’s a great gift for your child, When they grow up, this will be a good memory because Every deciduous tooth is unique for the baby, it saves the memorable moments about the kid's growth.

Note: For any need related to baby teether, you can take a sneek peek to this Teething Mitten

How to save the milk teeth?

  1. Normally,since 6 years old children will begin to fall milk teeth.

  2. Remember to recycle teeth from doctor.

  3. Put teeth in boiling water to clean last for 5 mins.

  4. After natural air ,put teeth in the box.


  • Material: Wooden
  • Size: 12*12.5*3cm
  • Item Type: Baby Souvenirs
  • Category: Baby Teeth Box

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