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The Foot Callus Removal


You don't have to hide your feet this summer! With this Foot Callus Removal Spinner!

You can show them off with pride without the ugly, thick calluses. It is powerful yet gently files away dry, rough patches, dead skin and calluses.

Polish your feet off with a finishing pad for a smoother and softer skin. Ne Pedi Spinver worry about rough callused heels and feet!

Totally Painless & Gentle, High speed & powerful buffing pad gently removes calluses with ease Handytraps shavings to prevent mess at home.

This special cosmetic should be with you where you are! 


  • Type: Electric Foot File.

  • aterial: Plastic.

  • Brand Name: Breathleshades.

  • Size : 5 x 4 x 14 cm.

Foot Callus Removal

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