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Want to take images to the next level? Impress your customers with this Hologram Display!
Hologram Display

Holograms are perhaps the biggest sci-fi holy grail of technology, and companies have spent years trying to bring the floating 3D displays of movies like Star Wars, Minority Report, and Avatar to life.

Holographic visual product is a kind of display machine that uses the persistence of vision (POV) technology. A belt composed of high-density LED lights spins at high speed, ths making the image vivid and tridimensional. 

Display resolution: 450 x 224 Pixels 
Support GIF, MP4, JPG format 
Less than 12W power consumption 

This equipment has such characters like low power consumption, high attractiveness, portability, high-cost performance and etc. It is widely applied in the exhibition, market promotions, shopping centers, cinemas, subways, airports, hotels, and other high-traffic areas.


  • Diameter: 42 cm
  • Definition: 720px * 384px
  • Max. Display Dimension: 42 cm x 42 cm
  • Power Rating:Less than 20 W
  • Lifetime: More than 50 000 hours
  • Input: 12V 1.5A
  • Remote Control: Available
  • APP/PC function: transfer to .bin file and upload, set up playing time, brightness adjustment
  • Wattage: 20 W
  • Input voltage: 100~240V AC
  • LED quantity: 320 pcs LEDs
  • Brightness: 800 cd/m²

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