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Buckyball Magnets with Sticks


Are you looking how educating your children in the process of playing? Buckyball Magnets with Sticks are here!

The Magnetic Buckyballs and Sticks are the tools can develop the space of the imagination for your children

  • This magic Buckyball Magnets building set is a fun and easy way to foster creativity in children by allowing them to bring their imagination to life.
  • The durable construction of this set means that it will stand up to everyday play.
  • The sticks in this set are made of a solid steel core, it also allows more of the magnetic force to be utilized making them stronger.
  • The steel balls included are not magnets but will securely stick to the magnetic bars allowing you to make bigger and more durable creations.
  • The parts in this kit such this Buckyball Magnets will fit perfectly with parts from other sets to allow you to build even larger items.


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  • Age Range: 7 - 9 Y, > 14 Y, 4 - 6 Y, 10 - 12 Y
  • Model Number: Innovative Buckyballs
  • Brand Name: MINOCOOL
  • Pieces: 36 PCS Magnetic Sticks & 27 PCS Steel Balls
  • Material: Magnetic Sticks

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