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With the Picnic Backpack on your shoulder, the story begins!

Picnic  Backpack

What is the BEST way of spending a beautiful day with your lovely family? Hide on the beach or in the forest, up on a hill, stress-free and far from the noise of the city!

This special bag is like a shopping bag!

Grab the Picnic Backpack and follow the path! Nature’s welcoming you, closely watching over your feast!

No drop of rain, no city noises, only a shy breeze waiting to witness a perfect family moment, a memory just waiting to happen!

Children are smiling while mom reaches for the Picnic Backpack and dad is playing with his angels!

For a moment, the world stops, but not for long! It’s now time for a great feast! Don’t forget to take those pictures! After one picnic such as this, many more will come, you’ll see!

The Master of Feasts:

Out of the portable Picnic Backpack, aromas and flavors eagerly jump out! With the complete tableware set for 4, no one is going to be left out of the feast! Proudly sitting in the detachable insulated cooler, your bottle is waiting to be opened, but why take it out?

A carefully planned picnic :

Quality is a main concern and when dealing with food there is no joking around! Keep things fresh and tasty in the insulated Picnic Backpack. The detachable bottle makes a practical detail, which adds a bit of style to your outdoor family party!

Package contents:

  • Stainless steel cups : 4 pcs
  • Plates : 4 pcs
  • Table linen : 4 pcs
  • Knives : 4 pcs
  • Forks : 4 pcs
  • Spoons : 4 pcs
  • Wooden cutting board ; 1 pcs
  • Multifunction tool knife; 1 pcs
  • Red wine cork ; 2 pcs
  • Cheese knife ; 1 pcs
  • Picnic bag; 1 pcs

Shipping Time-frames: 

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