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Hair Growth Laser Comb


Want longer, thicker and healthier hair? Then this Hair Growth Laser Comb is all you need!

Hair Growth Laser Comb

Thick, bouncy hair with high shine has always been the goal for many girls, but maintaining healthy hair sometimes seems like a much larger feat than it really is!

Be blown away by how confident and sexy you feel with thicker, longer, and healthier hair with the most advanced Laser Hair Treatment.


Laser comb side effects:

It is clinically proven to effectively treat hair loss and promote new hair growth- you can literally watch your hair grow!


  • Promotes Natural Hair Growth: This powerful brush treatment boosts your natural hair growth by using its low-energy infrared technology.
  • Say Goodbye to Thin and Weak Hair: After ~8-12 weeks of regular use, you can see your weak and brittle hair turn into a healthy and strong one.
  • Makes Your Hair Smooth and Healthier: It regulates oil production which results in a healthier and dandruff free, silky smooth hair.
  • Relaxes you with a Scalp Massage with Every Use: Our hairbrush is also equipped with shock massager which gently massage the scalp to enhance blood circulation which leads to the desired hair results.
  • Portable Design to Bring it Easily With You: With its portable design you can bring it anywhere and anytime with you without a problem!

How to use laser comb for hair growth:

  • Remove/Open the cover located on the brush handle.
  • Place two AA batteries and put the cover back. Make sure that the lock is secured.
  • Attach the bristle pad to the brush head. Make sure that they are fitted properly.
  • Press the knob found at the end of the brush head to lock and secure the bristle pad and brush head.
  • Use the product for 10 - 15 minutes every day

      This medical hair growth laser device will effectively help you relax, prevent a headache and dramatically boost your hair growth!

      Regarding the bald area of your hair, you can use this Instant Hair Fibers

      As sum up:

      After using our Lasercomb, you will see how it's really miracle laser hair regrowth treatment comb


      • Color : White
      • Size : 22 * 5 * 4 cm

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