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Anti Theft Backpack USB


What is the best Anti Theft Backpack?

  • Take a step forward from thieves and with the ability to reload all your favorite tech gadgets.
  • This beautiful backpack is designed for everyday use and for long trips thanks to its anti-theft and USB charging functions.
  • Without forgetting a modern and unisex style.

Below, you can find more info around the USB backpack how to use:

Anti Theft Backpack USB

Around the world, there are 400,000 thefts of objects every day. But do not worry, none of this can happen to you with this Anti Theft Backpack!

The basic features for the best Backpack such as :

  • Anti-cut material,
  • Hidden closures
  • With secret pockets, will protect your personal belongings during all your travels

More info about our Anti Theft Bag:

  • Zippers and hidden pockets
  • Front and sides both
  • Night security
  • Backpack with the USB charging port
  • Waterproof backpack, anti-sweat, and air permeability
  • Weight balance
  • Small bag, big content, humanized design
  • High-security anti-theft backpack for traveling
  • Capacity: Interior 36 - 55 Liters
  • Size: 44 x 26 x 11 cm

Note: In order to keep your USB cable under more protection, you can use this iPhone charger Protector


You by using our best Anti Theft Bag you don't need to ask how to add a USB port to a backpack! It's already built-in!


There is a famous question: how do backpacks with USB work?

To have your answer, please refer to our writing up above, and also have a sneak peek to the image above. Thank you!

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