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Looking for the best Camping Shower? Keep yourself clean with this Camp Shower Bag!

Whereas some people can survive the dirt and the sweat for a few days outdoors, not all people can do it. If you are one of those who can't (and I think you should be), you will agree with me that an outdoor camping shower is indispensable. 

Portable Camping Shower Bag

This classic camp shower provides warm water for washing in remote locations. Constructed of durable PVC, it comes with a separate fill cap, on/off valve, and a hanging / carrying handle.

The Camp Shower Bag gives you a way to wash, hands, dishes, or even rinse off your muddy dog, while you're on a camping trip. You will never have to constantly run to the outhouse every time you need water.

This can be hung from anything including poles and trees. It is solar heated, can hold up to 20L of water and has an on/off control.

Note: In the event of a leak, you can use a our special tape for this task.


During your camping think to bring out with you this Portable Blender!


  • Rinse the shower bag with one tablespoon of baking soda and warm water before initial use.
  • Fill the bag with water, then place it on a flat surface with black side up and directly expose to the sunlight.
  • Maximum temperature should be attained in approximately 3 hours; Warms 15℃ water to about 45℃.
  • Please test the water temperature before use since it maybe reaches 50 Celsius degree in the strong sunshine.
  • Note that once the water has been in the bag, it is not suitable for drinking.


  • Material : PVC with the anti - UV coating
  • Capacity : 20 L
  • Size : 60 * 40 cm
  • Shipping takes from 2 - 4 weeks internationally.

Shipping Time-frames: 

Please refer to this page to get information related to the shipping time:

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