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The Carpet Alarm Clock


Why you should buy this special Pressure Sensor Alarm Clock ?

Carpet Alarm Clock

Simply, you need to be encouraged by waking up each morning with this Pressure Sensor Alarm Clock !

These are the features for our Carpet Alarm Clock :

  1. It will encourage you to come out under the covers, this alarm keeps ringing until you put both feet on top.
  2. This physical action guarantees you a good resistance to repetition, as both feet must remain on the ultra-soft memory foam mat for at least three seconds.
  3. Perfect for the usual latecomers or those who just like to have a good nap

Carpet Alarm Clock

Characteristics :

  • Weight: 550g
  • Style: Europe
  • Width: 380mm
  • Brand: jusenda
  • Length: 400 mm
  • Square shape
  • Function: contact detection
  • Screen type: LED
  • Material: Flannel, memory foam

Shipping Time-frames: 

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