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Looking for a great tool for your tiny projects? This Mini Electric Screwdriver is your best option!

Electric Screwdriver

A screwdriver is one of the most common hand tools you'll find in any home. Screwdrivers are typically used with small electronics, computers, electrical work, furniture, and automotive work.

Screw, drill, and thread with power, speed, and precision with the help of the Wow stick A1 1/8 inch Mini Lithium Battery Cordless Electric Screwdriver with LED Lighting! It has automatic and manual operation modes to ensure high working efficiency.


In case you need smart lighting while using your screwdriver, think about this Neck Led Lamp

Pen-shaped design allows for ease of use and ultra portability

Electric Screwdriver

LED working light provides illumination in the low-light environment. Built-in Li-ion battery can work 5 to 6 hours continuously after fully charged via USB. It is surely a great helper for your daily repairing projects.


Ergonomics design looks like a pen and handy, lightweight, comfortable to use, easy to stock or take with.


comes with 18 x popular bits that can be used to cellphones, tablet, and some other electrics, very practical for daily repairing or tool DIY.


Motored by two built-in AAA replaceable battery, max rotating speed can reach 150rpm.


Not only has an electric operation, but also manual operation, electric and manual operation can be used independently or simultaneously. The internal self-locking function will begin to work to avoid damaging the motor when working manually.

A great tool for electronic repairing projects, like computer and cellphone repairs, home maintenance or hobbies and crafts.

Auto self-locking ratchet wheel orientation, with Dual Torque 0.12/3N.m working mode.


  • Lithium battery : rated voltage 3.7 V DC.
  • Torque : 0.2 N.m , 0.25 N.m (Reverse).
  • Rotating speed : 200 r/min.
  • Dry battery : rated voltage 3 V DC.
  • Torque : 0.15 N.m.
  • Rotating speed : 150 r/min.
  • Color : white, Black, Aluminum alloy.
  • Screw pits size : 4 x 28 mm, 4 x 45 mm.

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