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Embossing Rolling Pin


Are you looking for Embossed Rolling Pin made in USA or anywhere? Our Embossing Rolling Pin is able to make a unique and touching gift for any person, family or occasion!

We made many trials and baked hundreds of different recipe cookies until we found the best patterns and created the best design for the rolling pin to get well embossed and beautiful cookies.

With one easy roll, you can transform your cookie and pie doughs and fondant into baking masterpieces. Embossing rolling pins are great for cookies, pies, fondant, and clay.

It will bring so much fun to your family during the Christmas holiday by using this Embossing Rolling Pin


  • Our embossing machine is made from high-quality solid maple hardwood!
  • Rolling pins are expertly engraved, sanded and finished to take on your next baking project and make you the star.
  • The rolling pins are traditional and optimum size with a big surface of roller engraving and is exactly as an embossing paint roller!


Really, having this Embossing Rolling Pin, your kitchen will become an industrial embossing machine for the pies!

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