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Fishing Stick Floating


Only for a fishing lover! Look at these features of Fishing Stick Floating:

  • Hooks: High Quality Blood Slot Treble Hook Has Stronger Penetration
  • Simulation Fish Skin : special laser line to attract more fishes, UV coating to avoid scratch
  • Stronger Bicyclic Rings: Strengthen the double circle increased resistance to pull.
  • 3D Fish Eyes: 3D simulation eyes, big and bright, more tempting reflective better.
  • Product packaging: Each bait is packed in nice retail box.
  • Streamlined Design, Reduce Casting Resistance, Little Noise Getting Into The Water; Long Casting, Jerking, Colliding With Each Other To Attract More Fishes

Characteristics :

  • Tungsten balls inside, to keep balance of the fishing Lure, for the furthest distance casting, sound waves are produced in the twitch :
  • Position: River, Reservoir Pond, Ocean Boat Fishing, Ocean Beach Fishing, Stream, Lake
  • Category: Lure
  • Type: Artificial Bait
  • Lure Size(model 7503): 12g/90mm, 16.5g/ 110mm, 28g/ 130mm, 35g/150mm
  • Action: Top water
  • Hooks: Strong with barb
  • Type: Pencil Asturie

Shipping Time-frames: 

Please refer to this page to get information related to the shipping time:

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