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Funnel Shape Sifter - LM Collection


There is always a disaster with flour or sugar glass?

Forget about it with this Funnel Shape Sifter!

Sifting means, basically, passing an ingredient through a fine sieve or sieve to undo it into finer particles.


  • On the one hand, we undo the small lumps that could have formed in the flour because of the humidity or packaging itself.

  • On the other hand, bypassing the particles of flour through the sieve, we get them to take off from each other and aerate. This is going to give our biscuits an extra bit of fluffiness because a well-sifted flour incorporates more air into the final dough than an unstrained flour, which helps the biscuit rise higher in the oven.

  • At the same time, sifting the flour allows us to examine it more thoroughly. In this way, we can remove small impurities that this could bring as pebbles or remnants of the grain shell.

  • When we sift the flour together with the other dry ingredients of the recipe, we are making their particles mix, so that we will have as a result more homogeneous masses and biscuits with better texture. These dry ingredients are usually yeast or another type of baking agent, cocoa powder, etc.


Made out of Fine Material, Durable and Long Lasting, Baking Supplies, Flour Sifter. Reliable Handle and Stainless Steel Mesh: one hand operated design for easy handle squeezing; sifting becomes effortless with the tool.


3 Cup Flour Sifter with Measurement: You can measure the flour or the sugar powder easily.


Home baking, DIY, professional baking got easier. The sifter holds more flour or icing sugar powders. Perfect for sifting flour, sugar and more.


  • Material: Plastic PP + Stainless Steel Mesh
  • Color: Peach Red, Blue
  • Size : 15.7 * 13.5 * 14 cm
  • Net Weight: 140 g
  • Package Weight: 180 g

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