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Portable Shower Pet Car Washer


Are you still asking What is the best portable shower for camping? Or for a Pet Washer, or Car Washer?

  • A week of camping does not necessarily mean a week of wet showers!
  • We lay out this Portable Shower for comfortable outdoor showers and cleaning clothes.
  • Keeping clean may not be your top priority when camping, especially if your camping trip is only a weekend away.

But if you are traveling for longer, or at a location where there are no facilities such as shower blocks, your thoughts might turn to smell better.

On another hand, this Pet Washer is handheld mobile tool used to conveniently wash your pet with less hassle than conventional washing stations!

Tired of spending hundreds of dollars on car wash?

Or you do not like waiting for hours at the car wash services? With this car washer, you can wash your vehicles effortlessly!

Indoor / Outdoor Shower:

Just drop the pump in water and turn on the switch, it will transform a sink or bucket of water into an instant shower stream, then you will enjoy an outdoor shower. Great for camping hiking

Easy To Use:

Car Washer - LM Collection

The portable shower comes with a suction cup and hook - thus allowing it securely sticks to any flat surface and lets you hang it safely overhead.

Long Lasting:

The portable camping shower features a powerful rechargeable battery that provides showering for up to 60 minutes. it is convenient to charge it with the laptop, car adapter or computer, etc.

Multiple Uses:

The showerhead features comfortable bathing experience, you can use it for personal showers, kid bathing, pet cleaning, and car washing. Ideal for outdoor living, hiking, camping, pool shower.

Lightweight & Portable:

The shower is very light and handy, packs easily in luggage, backpack or car trunk, the compact design will impress anyone when going for a camping, is the best camping gear you can think of.


  • Power supply : DC 12 V
  • Weight : approx. 1 kg
  • Adjustable water flow. Max. flow rate: 6 L/Min
  • Short hair and / or small dogs may take approximately 10 - 20 minutes. Larger and / or long hair dogs may take approximately 20 - 30 minutes or longer

Shipping Time-frames: 

Please refer to this page to get information related to the shipping time:

Click here : https://prettycollection.org/pages/delivery-info

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