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How does this Toilet Seat Lifter allow you to handle your toilet seat without touching it?

With this Toilet Seat Lifter considered as a toilet seat riser, you will never again have to touch or handle the toilet seat and all the germs that live there. Keep your hands clean and enjoy a more hygienic bathroom

Toilet Seat Lifter

The debate of keeping the toilet seat up and down has been going for years.
Some men are considerate enough to put it back down after using the toilet while some leave this rather unhygienic job for the women to do.

In order to use it, women have to lower it down, and men have to lift it up, means you need to touch it which is not really germ-free. So what to do?

Parents are more conscious of their children’s health, and women tend to care both for their husband and children.

With this convenient tool, you can relax knowing that your family is not coming in contact with any germs.

You can keep your hands from coming in contact directly with the toilet and reduces bacteria effectively!

Now your little ones can easily lift the toilet seat up without even touching it and what’s more?

  • With our Lifter you don't need to equate locking raised toilet seat with handles
  • These toilet seat pad cover lifters not only provide with ultimate convenience to your family but really cute at the same time, and exactly working as a spring loaded toilet seat!


A fashion bathroom essentials for you.
Place the toilet lifter at the bottom of the seat and lift it up by the handle to reach the rising toilet seat. 
 Enjoy with our toilet seat clip!

    A must for your home, Work, Hotel, Retail Stores, Office, Restaurant, and much more! lovely design makes your places funnier.


      • Color: green, pink, white, brown
      • Size: 10.5 * 6 * 1.2 cm
      • Weight: 20 g / pcs

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